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Retraction on Supralapsarinism

Pastoral Statement/Retraction of past application of the term Supralapsarianism
I know that many Christians may not be aware of the meaning of the terms I am about to address, but those attending my Church will be. I always strive to get things right and to offer corrections when I find I am wrong. In a few sermons over the past year, I have made reference to the logical order of God’s decrees. In those messages, I made the claim that I am a Supralapsarian in contrast to Infralapsarianism. I want to now offer a correction. I made such an accent based on an incomplete understanding of the term. I believe the explanation I gave in the aforementioned messages was accurate but the wrong term was applied. I do NOT mean by this that I am now an Infralapsarian because I do not agree with making God reactionary. However, at this time, I do not know what the correct term should be for my perspective, but I wanted to offer this retraction in the meantime so that there is no unnecessary hindrance as we continue to strive for rightly divided truth. Any previous references to Supralapsarianism should be understood in light of this retraction. God Bless! -Pastor Daniel Gamble

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